Deepak Shekhar with a mission — Mother Chef

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2 min readMar 6, 2022
Deepak Shekhar — Founder of Mother Food

Deepak Shekhar, Founder of Mother Chef is a native of Kota city of Rajasthan state. Kota city has developed into the education hub of the whole world. Deepak Shekhar completed his graduation from BSc (Science) in 2017. Along with studies, he also did a job in the field of marketing and coaching.

Lakhs of students come to education hub Kota to study engineering and medical entrance exams.

The founder observed that Kota has good coaching, faculty, hostels, counselors and doctors, but the students are troubled by eating hostels and mess (outside food) and facing many physical problems.

The founder was contacted by many students during his coaching management job, then those students told their problem to the founder and came to know that there are many students who are facing these problems.

The founder decided that something has to be done for these students and the founder gave an idea considering their problems. Then the founder worked on his project for 2 months and created Mother Chef App. In this app, the company registered the women and created their food profile. Students can book orders through the app by clicking on the female profile of any region. Monthly and weekly subscription has been kept in this app. The company does free delivery to the student’s doorstep. Apart from solving the problems of the students, this company will also provide employment to women.

The founder wants to expand the company and also launch it in cities where students come to live in other cities to study and work as professionals.

There are many cities across India where students and professionals want to eat home-cooked food but are forced to eat outside food. Along with this, women sitting at home will also get employment in large numbers through this company. The founder wants to revolutionize the whole of India through this idea.